Do you believe in West Coast Horror? We here at Bad Cookie Pictures do, so we created a campaign to unite the vibrant community of horror creators who reside along the mist-laden shores of North America’s West Coast. For a limited time you’ll have the chance to grab a t-shirt or a tote with your favorite West Coast Cryptid and directly support In These Very Woods, a horror anthology series that will transport you deep into the haunting depths of the enigmatic forest. 

But this campaign is more than just an opportunity to support an exceptional project; it’s a chance to shape the identity of West Coast horror and rally around the twisted brilliance of our region’s finest artists. 

From California’s rugged coastlines to the mystical depths of British Columbia’s ancient forests, West Coast horror holds a captivating allure. It’s a genre that boasts an eclectic community of visionaries, weaving tales that push the boundaries of the imagination. Our unique landscape, with its towering trees and hidden secrets, sets the stage for unforgettable nightmares. Embrace the folklore and cryptids that roam these lands, for they are the muses inspiring our terrifying tales.