Who are Bad Cookie?

Bad Cookie Pictures was founded in 2016 by Ariel Hansen and Christopher “Topher” Graham who bonded over their shared love for genre films years prior. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, this multimedia company specializes in projects that involve horror, science fiction and everything in between. Keep your eyes peeled on them for entertainment to leave you cackling from the funny and the frightening.

Why isn’t there a shirt with my favorite cryptid on it?

We decided to start with these three cryptids since they are some of the most well known of the West Coast, after they retire we’ll be rotating in new designs with new cryptids, each for a limited time as well, but only West Coast cryptids, so sorry to the Mothman and Jersey Devil fans out there.

How long will it take to get my merch?

We’re a small cooperative attempting to operate with some form of work/life balance. From the day of your confirmation email to the day of your merch shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks! We appreciate your patience while we print your goodies by-hand, with love.

Are prices in CAD or USD?

Prices are all in USD because we’ve partnered with Shaky Hands, a Worker-Run coop out of Milwaukee, to print high-quality ethically made products. They handle the e-commerce aspect as well as printing & shipping, hence, the prices are in USD to ensure workers are paid a fair wage in as much of the chain of production as possible.